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Welcome to San Francisco Hearing Center

 Customized hearing solutions so that you can listen with ease, comfort, and confidence

There’s a big difference between hearing and listening. Hearing is a passive activity. Listening requires the brain to be involved in processing the sound. A non-custom or OTC hearing aid might help you hear more, but just like turning up the volume on your television, it doesn’t make listening or understanding easier. Our custom approach means our highly skilled audiologists will get to the heart of what’s going on with your hearing. We then craft a solution designed especially for you that actively makes speech clearer and listening easier, even in noisy places. Meet with one of our audiologists and experience the difference.

Experienced audiologists delivering compassionate care.

Dr. Alice Leung

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Dr. Annie Ha

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Dr. Rixon Rouse

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Jonah Nishihira
Hearing Aid Specialist

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Local experts

San Francisco Audiologists Dr. Alice Leung, Dr. Anna Ha and Dr. Rixon Rouse along with Hearing Aid Specialist, Jonah Nishihira, deliver the best in hearing healthcare. Locally owned with deep roots in the San Francisco healthcare community, your health and safety are paramount to us. We want to know you, know your story and know who you want to hear better. So many people in our community struggle with hearing loss and tinnitus and they don’t have to. Instead, we want to help them hear more clearly and have a more joyful life.

Patient centered care

Your well-being is at the heart of all we do. The state-of-the-art clinic at San Francisco Hearing Center combines the latest in hearing science with cutting edge technology. From initial diagnosis to treatment of hearing loss using advanced technology, proven science and personalized care, we elevate communication and relationships to new heights. In addition, we added cutting-edge technology, new equipment, more space and enhanced infection protocols. We are exceeding new safety protocols and offering expanded services, such as Telehealth appointments and remote hearing aid programming.

Commitment to hearing health

Good hearing health is about more than just hearing well. With studies showing 3 times more memory and balance issues with untreated hearing loss, treating hearing loss is essential to staying engaged and doing what you love. (source CDC) Our top San Francisco Audiologists deliver exceptional and collaborative hearing care. Join us and take your hearing health to all new heights.

San Francisco Hearing Center is locally owned. We are proud to support our community where everyone is welcome.

San Francisco Audiologists Delivering Passionate Hearing Healthcare.