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Insurance Coverage

We work with your insurance.

Most insurance plans have a benefit that covers audiology and hearing evaluations. A few cover at least a portion of the cost of hearing aids, but understanding what your current insurance plan covers can be confusing. That’s why we have insurance billing experts who are happy to check your benefits and take the time to help explain them to you.

We work with the following networks:

United Healthcare
Sutter Select/UMR
Anthem Blue Cross
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Aetna PPO
Workers Compensation
Blue Shield of California

Plus, most other major HMO insurance networks: Hills Physicians, Brown & Toland, Sutter Health, City and County of San Francisco and many more.

Will my insurance cover hearing aids

Some insurance companies offer at least a partial coverage for hearing testing and hearing aids. Our insurance specialists are happy to verify your benefits prior to your initial consultation and evaluation.

Will I need a referral from a primary care physician?

This is dependent on your specific plan. Most commercial PPO plans do not require a referral from your primary care physician to see one of our in-network providers. Certain insurance policies, including Medicare, do require a referral in order to cover testing and treatment recommendations. We are happy to gather your insurance information to determine if a referral is necessary. If it is necessary we will guide you through obtaining the proper referral or documentation for your services to be covered.

Why doesn’t Medicare cover hearing aids?

Medicare does not currently cover medical equipment as it relates to dental, hearing and vision. This does include hearing aids for the treatment of hearing loss. If your primary care physician feels a hearing test is medically necessary, they can send a written referral to one of our Medicare in-network providers and the diagnostic testing will be covered with your Medicare plan.

I was told my hearing aids were covered at 100%. What does that mean?

In most cases, there is an allowed amount that this percentage applies to based on your particular insurance plan. The exact amount is plan specific. We will check your benefits prior to your appointment to know more specifically what is covered and how it applies to your needs.

What does an out-of-network benefit mean?

Healthcare providers are either in or out of an insurance network. This will determine what type of financial coverage and responsibility you may have versus what your insurance plan will pay. We are in-network for most health insurance plans shown above and are happy to let you know prior to your appointment if we are in or out-of-network with your specific plan.