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Widex Hearing Aids

This sound changes everything.
NEW FOR 2024!

Groundbreaking device is smarter by design! WIDEX SMARTRIC™

SmartRIC is built in a special L-shape design and sits higher on your ear, helping you hear conversations even when it is noisy around you.
Significant improvement in speech understanding in noise, smarter directionality, and the best part is, you just wear it to get the benefit. The better microphone angles give on
average a 12.5% increase in speech understanding in noise! That makes a big difference when you are trying to hear in noisy situations.

Angled Microphone
Better Hearing in Noise

Stops wind noise!

SmartRIC’s microphone covers help tone down annoying wind noise and other distractions, like when you touch your hearing aids.
You won't be be distracted by wind or touch noise. Better yet, there is up to 20 dB reduction in wind noise and 88% reduction in touch noise.

Lasts all day, and then some — With a 4-hour charge, you are equipped for up to 37 hours of natural hearing. Need a quick boost? A half hour in the charger will give you up to 8 hours of sound. Over a week of cordless power — With five charges, the portable charger has enough power to let you hear for a week without plugging in. Your on-the-go companion — Compact yet powerful, it fits easily into your bag or pocket.

37 Hours

The hearing aid battery lasts up to 37 hours per charge.

1 Week

SmartRic's portable charger has enough power for over a week of on-the-go charging.


Designed with a stylish profile and soft rounded edges, SmartRIC is the shortest in its class. The design, inspired by the elegant curves of glasses’ temple tips, is both contemporary and stylish. Choose from a selection of colors that resonate with your modern aesthetics.

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Widex Moment

WIDEX MOMENT™ Delivers the purest, most natural sound ever achieved in a hearing aid.


Even a great hearing aid has always sounded like a hearing aid – until now. WIDEX MOMENT™ Revolutionary Puresound delivers a more pure, natural sound. Typically, sound processed in a hearing aid reaches the eardrum later than sound heard directly. And when these two ‘out of sync’ signals mix, they create an artificial sound. Puresound solves this delay and delivers a more natural sounding hearing experience.


Never worry about batteries again with lithium-ion rechargeable batteries in the WIDEX MOMENT mRIC R D, the smallest lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aid in the industry. Widex Moment also has models that use batteries.

CONNECTIVITY: connect your hearing aids to your mobile phone, TV or computer.

MOMENT APP: Widex MOMENT offers you the unique ability to personalize your hearing experience through the power of artificial intelligence and the MOMENT app. Control your MOMENT hearing aids directly from your smartphone or tablet with the intuitive WIDEX MOMENT™ app. Make your own adjustments!

PERSONALIZATION: Your hearing needs are distinctive to you. WIDEX MOMENT gives Audiologists at San Francisco Hearing Center more customization capabilities to ensure you have both an ideal first hearing experience and long-term hearing benefit.

DURABILITY: Advanced nano-coating protects WIDEX MOMENT™ from dust, debris, and moisture. With the rechargeable model, there’s no battery door, there are also fewer gaps for moisture to sneak into, resulting in our most durable hearing aid yet.

WIDEX REMOTE CARE: Can’t come into the clinic in person? The Audiologists at San Francisco Hearing Aids can fit and adjust your Widex Moment hearing aids remotely using your phone, tablet, or computer.

All to keep you hearing your best in any moment! With Widex, you can enjoy a truly premium hearing experience so that you can live each moment to the fullest.

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