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Taking your communication to the next level

At San Francisco Hearing Center, we treat hearing loss and related auditory problems in people of all ages. Our knowledgeable team listens to your concerns, provides comprehensive assessments, and utilizes the latest technology to create customized hearing solutions.  Let’s bring back the joy of conversation.

Our Services Include:

Hearing Evaluation

Precise diagnostic assessment to discover whether hearing loss exists, the degree and type of hearing loss, and the best treatment options for you.

Hearing Aids

Breakthrough hearing aid technology. Selection, fitting, follow-up care, and service. Get the best fit right from the start and for years to come.

Hearing In Noise

The Hearing in Noise test (HINT) measures a person’s ability to understand speech in noisy environments using both ears.


Assessment of tinnitus type and severity, preventative measures, and customized management strategies for tinnitus relief.

Custom Earpieces

Custom molded and crafted ear pieces for hearing aids, hearing protection, music, swimming, sleeping, and audio devices.

Auditory Rehabilitation

Strategies to improve your brain’s ability to process sound and heighten your engagement with the environment.

An Unparalleled Standard of Audiology Care

San Francisco Hearing Center is passionate about restoring quality hearing back in your life. We provide comprehensive audiology services for adults and children. Our doctors of Audiology are experienced with almost every type of hearing problem. We work with you and your medical team to develop the most effective solutions for your unique hearing profile.

Audiology Services for You

Our audiologists and professional staff improve your quality of life through better hearing at our clinic in San Francisco, CA. We offer advanced audiology services and innovative hearing solutions for all ages. Patients are often referred here by their primary care doctor, general practitioner, neurologist or otolaryngologist (ENT). We welcome patient and self-referrals as well. Give us a call to request an appointment.

San Francisco Hearing Center is built on patient satisfaction. We hope you’ll feel empowered and confident in your care at every step. Our audiology services are provided by experienced audiologists who are caring, compassionate and thorough. They provide a full battery of audiology services including: Otoscopy, pure-tone air and bone conduction audiometry, speech recognition, speech-in-noise testing, tympanometry, acoustic reflex testing and reflex decay testing, employment audiograms and many other specialized audiology services.

Conditions We Treat:

  • Sudden, gradual, or progressive hearing loss
  • Noise-induced and age-related hearing loss
  • Asymmetrical hearing loss
  • High-frequency hearing loss
  • Ear infection and inflammation identification
  • Speech delay identification in children
  • Tinnitus