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Lenire Tinnitus Treatment Device

How Lenire Works

Scientifically Proven Tinnitus Relief

  • Lenire tinnitus treatment device is proven to be safe and effective in a landmark clinical trial and has received a De Novo FDA grant approval following the success of its most recent clinical trial.
  • Lenire is the only FDA approved bimodal neuromodulation tinnitus-specific treatment device.
  • TENT-A3 was a controlled trial, designed in collaboration with the United States of America’s FDA.
  • TENT-A3 High Level Results: 88.6% of clinical trial participants would recommend treating tinnitus with Lenire. Lenire offered significant relief for 70.5% of those with moderate or worse tinnitus where sound-only therapy had no clinical impact.
  • No device or treatment related serious adverse events were reported by trial participants.

Washington Post Publishes In-Depth Lenire Feature

Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper, The Washington Post, published a feature on bimodal neuromodulation and Lenire, the first and only tinnitus treatment to be granted FDA Approval.

Read this in-depth piece to learn about Susan Rivas’ “life-changing” Lenire experience, and how treatment with Lenire turned Bojan Radojevic’s tinnitus from “loud screaming” to “virtually non-existent”.

The Washington Post’s ‘most-read’ article also features insights from leading audiologists, and interactive content where you can hear samples from Lenire’s patented soundscapes.