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San Francisco Audiology Services

San Francisco Audiology Appointment

There is nothing more important to us than ensuring you can hear the sounds that matter most to you. Our audiologists thoroughly examine your ears and auditory system. Consider your answers to the following questions to be extra prepared for your San Francisco audiology appointment!

How is hearing loss impacting your life?

We believe you will have a more fulfilling experience if you dig deeper to comprehend the impact your hearing loss has had on your life emotionally, behaviorally, mentally, and socially. Write the issues down, because they will become a roadmap for both you and your audiologist. We will also utilize assessment scales designed to help you understand problems caused by your hearing loss. Your areas of need become a contract between you and your hearing care professional.

What are your most troubling communication situations?

Identification of communication situations that cause you the most difficulty is a critical first step in solving your hearing loss problems. If you can describe difficult listening conditions, your audiologist can address the problems and develop strategies to help you manage them. If you need more information, ask for it. Some people want highly technical information about hearing aid systems and hearing loss, while others just want a brief overview of hearing aids and their function. Ask for clarification if you need it. Many complex concepts can be explained in an uncomplicated way.

Are you ready to hear better?

Advanced hearing aid technology can now compensate for most hearing losses, but there are still millions of hearing aid candidates who are not ready to accept this fact. Is there a missing link? We think so. People with hearing loss are in different stages of readiness. At one extreme the individual is in denial about the hearing loss. If either a family member or a professional insists on hearing aids at this point, behavior is unlikely to change and most likely such a person would be dissatisfied if pursuing hearing aids. Individuals highly motivated to improve their hearing have an infinitely better chance of success with hearing aids. Such motivated people recognize their hearing loss and are open to finding the best solutions for their needs. They tend to seek out relevant information related to their hearing loss and the technology needed to alleviate the hearing problem. The most highly motivated hearing aid candidates are willing to discuss their feelings about their hearing problems and explore the options that might be available to them. When they are fitted with hearing aids, they eagerly explore their new technology, discuss problems during follow-up visits with their audiologist, and patiently learn to adapt to their technology.