Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

6 Reasons why thousands of San Francisco Bay Area patients and their physicians trust San Francisco Hearing Center.

1. 100% locally owned. 100% here for you.

San Francisco Hearing Center is one of the oldest providers of hearing healthcare services in San Francisco. Locally owned by Doctors of Audiology with over 25 years of experience we deliver exceptional and customized care to people with hearing loss.

2. Thorough, well thought-out, convenient care.

Patients appreciate the time we take to listen and understand their issues related to their hearing loss or tinnitus. You usually see the same audiologist and assistant every time you come in.  This means, you don’t have to tell your story repeatedly to a different person. Conveniently located on California and Lyon St, with our own FREE parking lot, makes coming to us very easy!

3. We exceed expectations.

We uncover your expectations, and use scientifically proven methods to meet or exceed those whenever possible. We try to make sure that expectations are in line with the difficulty of hearing. We love it when patients say: “The results I have experienced with my devices have far exceeded my expectations.”

4. We’re up-to-date.

Our highly experienced clinical audiologists use the latest technology and methods to diagnose and restore your hearing. One of the ways we are getting better results with hearing aids is with the use of new fitting technology called Real Ear Measurements. It precisely measures the sound delivered by the hearing aids in order to program them to closely match your hearing prescription.

5. We collaborate with your physician

We regularly provide audiology services for several of San Francisco’s top Otolaryngologists (ear, nose & throat specialists) and primary care physicians. If your hearing issue requires medical treatment, we ensure you get a referral to the right medical provider. Our collaborative approach means you are well cared for.

6. People feel good recommending us to others.

The vast majority of our patients come from recommendations from other patients and referrals local physicians.  A recommendation to a friend or family member is the highest compliment we could ever receive.