Oticon Hearing Aids

Life-changing technology

Oticon Opn S™

Oticon breaks the rules. Again.

Oticon Opn S™, a groundbreaking new hearing aid that allows people with hearing loss to experience speech understanding in difficult listening situations, such as restaurants or social gatherings.

Opn S – Ultra-fast sound processing opens up a rich, 360-degree world of sound so you can follow conversations in a group of people and focus on what’s important to you, even in noisy environments. And when you need extra help in especially noisy situations, Opn S lets you ‘boost’ the support you receive – whenever you feel you need it.

This small, discreet hearing aid features Oticon’s exclusive BrainHearing™ technology to provide unprecedented access to the details of speech that helps the brain make sense of sound. People won’t have to work as hard to hear, so they’ll feel less stress and will be more likely to join in conversations.

Staying connected is increasingly important today. Opn S connects wirelessly to iPhone® so you can stream audio or music right to your hearing aids. A TV Adapter lets you turn your hearing aids into wireless headphones so you can enjoy TV with family and friends at a volume that’s comfortable for everyone.

For people who want the convenience of rechargeable batteries can choose Opn S, which offers a state-of-the-art rechargeable lithium-ion solution. An easy overnight charge provides a full-day of listening power.

To learn more about hearing health and the new Oticon Opn S family of hearing aids, contact Dr. Alice Leung at 415-346-6886 or via email at Info@SFHearingCenter.com for an appointment .