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Custom Earpieces

Your pair will be individually crafted from the exact impressions of your ears taken by your audiologist.

Custom Earplugs and Hearing Protection

Designed for specific purposes such as listening to music, swimming or sleeping.

  • Sleep & Travel
  • Swimming & Surfing
  • Musician, DJ & Drummer
  • Shooting & Hunting
  • Industrial & Workplace
  • Motorsport

**Please note we do not provide impression only services. We only take impressions of your ear for products ordered from our center. We can’t give you the impressions to order products elsewhere as we can’t guarantee the quality of the product or the fit. Thank you for your understanding.

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Communication Devices for Law Enforcement and Reporters

We supply communication devices for many bay area law enforcement agencies as well as local television reporters. We make a custom earpieces and supply the necessary cords and connections to their radio and/or transmitter.

  • 2-way Radio Accessories, including the Sound Waves HD