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When people clean their ears, they often use tools like cotton swabs. They’re commonly used, easy to obtain and they’re available in virtually every health store. However, people don’t realize that using cotton swabs often means that they’re pushing the earwax back into their ear, potentially causing even more buildup that could lead to further ear issues.

If you want to protect your ears and reduce the potential of having your ears damaged, then you may want to visit your audiologist to have your ears cleaned by a professional. Consider the following 3 Reasons to Have Your Ears Professionally Cleaned with visiting an audiologist for a hearing examination.

1. You’ll get a proper clean that won’t damage your hearing

One of the best advantages of having your ears cleaned professionally is that it doesn’t damage the inside of your ear. Some people use cotton swabs that push the earwax back into their ears while others use picks that scratch against the inner lining of the ear. Some people even poke their ears with things like toothpicks in order to get the wax out. These can all be incredibly harmful to your ear, and the proper way to clean your ears is with professional tools that your audiologist is an expert with.

2. Impacted earwax can cause major and minor symptoms

You can’t see what’s going on in your ear canal so it’s difficult to get them cleaned properly. This can eventually lead to impacted earwax. Impaction occurs when the earwax bunches together, hardens and becomes difficult to remove. It lodges itself in your ear canal and can cause major and minor problems. If you experience minor symptoms such as a damp ear, popping noises, mild hearing loss or a feeling that your ears are clogged, then it’s a good idea to visit your audiologist for some advice and potentially an ear-cleaning appointment.

However, if you experience fever, difficulty sleeping and a loss of appetite after trying to clean your ears, then you might put yourself at risk of future infections, dizziness and even tinnitus. Make sure you clean your ears properly if you experience these symptoms. This is especially important if you use cotton swabs on a regular basis or a pick to scrape out the earwax.

3. You get impacted earwax far too regularly

Most people don’t get impacted earwax if they take good care of their ears. However, once you start to neglect cleaning your ears properly, you’ll start to experience impacted earwax on a far more frequent basis. This can be incredibly frustrating especially as you grow older. The older we are, the harder it becomes for our bodies to automatically eject earwax out far enough that it naturally falls away. A professional audiologist will clean your ears all the way the way through to ensure that your ear stays healthy while also preventing your ears from building up more wax in the future.