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There are a lot of people who don’t know what happens during a hearing test. Is it going to hurt? Is it going to take a while? These are all questions that people ask about hearing tests, and this is largely because a lot of the population has never needed one. Luckily, having your hearing tested is a simple and pain-free process.

Examination of the ear

The first thing the audiologist will do is examine your ear. They will look in your ear and see if there are any obvious signs of something wrong, such as a buildup of earwax or infection. After this, they will continue with the rest of the test and check all other invisible possibilities. This will be painless and you should not feel any discomfort during this examination.

Series of tests occurs during a hearing test

Next, the audiologist will perform a series of tests that will include pure-tone testing, speech testing, tympanometry and possibly a few other small tests. These will help the audiologist to determine whether your hearing is working at its optimum level. However, not all of the tests may be necessary so, you might find that you only have three tests performed.

Each test is looking for something different in your ear and your audiologist will perform the tests that are necessary. These tests are non-invasive and should not cause any discomfort.

Explanation of the results

Knowing what happens during a hearing test can help you feel at ease during the test. Once all the tests have been conducted, your audiologist will be able to go through the results with you straight away. It will be explained what each test was for and what they found. If there is anything that was abnormal, they will be able to explain to you what this means and what comes next.

If you don’t understand, you should not be afraid to ask your audiologist to explain again. They are going to be here to help and support you until you understand fully what the results are and how they are going to impact you.


Finally, with symptoms and results in hand, the audiologist will recommend the best course of treatment. Hearing aids are the most common method of relieving hearing loss and your audiologist will likely discuss the different options with you.