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Hearing Evaluation

Precise diagnostic assessment to discover whether hearing loss exists, the degree and type of hearing loss, and the best treatment options for you.

Hearing Aids

Breakthrough hearing aid technology. Selection, fitting, follow-up care, and service. Get the best fit right from the start and for years to come.

Hearing In Noise

The Hearing in Noise test (HINT) measures a person’s ability to understand speech in noisy environments using both ears.


Assessment of tinnitus type and severity, preventative measures, and customized management strategies for tinnitus relief.

Custom Earpieces

Custom molded and crafted ear pieces for hearing aids, hearing protection, music, swimming, sleeping, and audio devices.

Auditory Rehabilitation

Strategies to improve your brain’s ability to process sound and heighten your engagement with the environment.

Hear Well. Live Well.

Good hearing health is essential to staying engaged and doing what you love.

  • Today's visit was very pleasant. I felt very welcomed and was treated kindly. This facility has a warm caring presence. They were a giant help to me. I am glad I had the choice of visiting San Francisco Hearing Center. I would recommend this facility to anyone needing help in the future.

    Fourun Avatar

    I just want to thank you Annie Ha for her amazing professionalism and patience. I couldn't have passed the Hint Test with you, thank you!

    Vu Avatar

    My experience with Audiological Services of SF goes back many years, at least twenty! I have always been treated professionally, efficiently, and with kindness. And while it's always best to make an appointment, when I have just popped in to have an adjustment, they make it happen. If you had another star I'd add that to the five I've marked.

    Barbara Avatar
  • As out-of-towners (WAY out-from the other side of the country!) we were amazed to find a place that could even see us the same day. Then, when we got there, the staff--receptionist and technician--treated us like old friends but even better to make us feel comfortable far from home. They were able to make significant improvement to my husband's hearing aid though it will need to be factory serviced when we get home. Wonderful experience here!

    Joan Avatar

    Dr. Leung is great! Friendly, succinct, and very thorough in her testing procedures. Highly recommended!

    Dave Avatar

    The audiologists are caring, knowledgeable, and
    organized profesionals. They are successful in providing you the best quality of life for your hearing disability.
    They are the BEST audiological service in town!

    Odette Avatar
  • 5 star ratingHad a hearing aid emergency today and have never been here before. They saw me right away, fixed the hearing aid without trying to upsell me in any way, super nice and professional. Thank you

    Paul Avatar

    I have been with Audiological Service of San Francisco for a few years.
    I have received the best care possible. The staff is not only efficient but
    extremely kind and friendly. I highly recommend the Audiological Service
    of San Francisco.

    Monika Avatar

    Very happy with my audiologist. She explains and answer any questions you may have. Very caring, patient , and knowledable .

    Darlene Avatar
  • I have been with Audiological Service of San Francisco for a few years.I have received the best care possible. The staff is not only efficient but extremely kind and friendly. I highly recommend the Audiological Serviceof San Francisco.

    Monika Avatar

    I always receive prompt, knowledgeable, courteous service from Alice and her team. They are helpful in scheduling and in their on-site attention to explaining details of new hearing aid technology and comfort. I highly recommend them to anyone needing individualized hearing aid services and equipment.

    Michael Avatar

    As a 14-year client of Audiological Services, I have had my life changed and enhanced by their professionalism in analyzing my hearing loss, prescribing the correct hearing aids and providing no-cost follow-up care. They are the best.

    Barbara Avatar