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Hearing Evaluation

A comprehensive battery of hearing tests by a licensed audiologist. Find out if you have hearing loss, the type of hearing loss, if you need hearing aids, and the best treatment options for you.

Hearing Aids

Breakthrough hearing aid technology. Hearing aid selection, fitting, follow-up care, and hearing aid repair. Get the best hearing aids right from the start and for years to come.

Hearing In Noise

The Hearing in Noise test (HINT) measures a person’s ability to understand speech in noisy environments using both ears. Hearing better in noisy environments is tricky, our Audiologists know how to solve this issue.


Assessment of tinnitus type and severity, preventative measures, and customized management strategies for tinnitus relief.

Custom Earpieces

Custom molded and crafted ear pieces for hearing aids, hearing protection, music, swimming, sleeping, and audio devices.

Auditory Rehabilitation

Strategies to improve your brain’s ability to process sound and heighten your engagement with the environment.

Hear Well. Live Well.

Good hearing health is essential to staying engaged and doing what you love.

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