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Hearing solutions

custom especially just right for you.

Expert Doctors

You deserve to work with audiologists noted for their expertise and experience in hearing solutions. Expect thorough, empathetic, and remarkable care.

Latest Technology

Award-winning technology and brands. Enjoy higher-level, innovative & feature-packed hearing aids with tons of control over fine-tuning them.

Great Value

With a range of prices and lifetime service included, custom treatment is attainable. 100% satisfaction guarantee. It’s time to love your hearing!

Specialized audiology services aimed at improving your hearing wellness.

In-depth hearing evaluations

You've never had a hearing test this in-depth and thorough.

State of the art hearing aid services

Precision fit from the start. Improved hearing for life.

Help for tinnitus

Don't keep suffering with tinnitus, help is possible.

Custom ear protection

Keep the hearing you have.
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Enhancing your well being with remarkable hearing care

Our knowledgeable team at SF Hearing Center is here to listen to your concerns, provide comprehensive assessments, and utilize the latest technology to create customized hearing solutions made just right for you. Because for us, it’s about more than just improving your hearing, it’s about improving how you feel.

We Absolutely Adore Our Patients – And They Feel the Same Way

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Why see an Audiologist? Because everyone’s hearing is unique and one size doesn’t fit all.

The old saying that we’re as individual as our fingerprint is true. And boy, is that true when it comes to hearing. Take 10 people with the same hearing loss and each person will benefit most from a different hearing aid program. An audiologist recommends the right technology for you and precisely tunes every aspect of the sound – from frequency to compression ratios.  Hearing loss affects your health and well-being so our top priority is your ear and hearing health. Let’s focus on getting the best possible care for your hearing.

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