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When researching hearing aid technology patients naturally want to know how long do hearing aids last.

how-long-do-hearing-aids last

Completely-in-the-canal hearing aid

There are many factors that influence the longevity of a hearing aid so the actual lifespan of a hearing aid varies. Some patients will have hearing aids that last 7 years or more, while others will need to replace their hearing devices much sooner than that. Hearing aids last an average of 5 years. Because Hearing aid technology is continually improving, and hearing ability declines over time it’s common for people to get new hearing aids every 3-4 years.

Top 3 things that effect how long a hearing aid will last:

  1.       Moisture and debris in the ear canal. If someone sweats a lot or has a lot of earwax in their ear canals, this is going to get inside the electronics of the hearing aid and affect its performance and longevity. Having hearing devices that are moisture resistant usually means they will last longer.
  2.       Cleaning and maintenance of the hearing aid. Many patients are surprised to learn that if you don’t regularly clean your hearing aid or bring it to your provider for cleaning, they will eventually break down. Like a car, hearing aids have filter and parts that need to be cleaned or replaced to ensure the hearing aids keep working for a long time.
  3.       Lost hearing aid. This is a hard one. Life happens and occasionally, patients lose their hearing aid, usually by setting it down someplace and then forget where it is. Luckily, a hearing aid sold at San Francisco Hearing Center comes with 3 years of loss and damage coverage.

Don’t be alarmed if your hearing aid stops working. It doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be replaced. Bring it to the place where you purchased it and they will be able to fix it and/or send it to the hearing aid manufacturer for repair. Patients often choose to upgrade their hearing aid technology every 3 years, even if the hearing aids are still functioning. This is because Hearing aid technology is continually improving as scientists and engineers develop better, faster, and most sophisticated ways of processing sound. Hearing loss also tends to get worse over time accelerating the need for replacement. Prescription fit hearing aids have programming that can be altered to compensate for most changes in hearing to keep your hearing levels at their best. However, if your hearing gets significantly worse you may eventually need a different hearing aid model.

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