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We are seeing patients in person for all services by appointment, but did you know that we can also help you from the safety of your home? You can now schedule an appointment with an audiologist via TeleHealth or receive Virtual hearing care. This is a secure online appointment. We can help solve many hearing or hearing related issues over the phone or over video. All you need is a cell phone, ipad or computer.

  • Get your hearing healthcare questions answered.
  • Select and fit new hearing devices
  • Adjust your hearing aid program.
  • Having difficulty communicating with people while wearing masks? Ask your audiologist to create a special mask program for your hearing devices. Amplification is adjust specifically to maximize communication while wearing a mask.
  • Trouble shoot your hearing devices or explain how to use and maintain your hearing devices.

Call us at 415-346-6886 or email us at to schedule a virtual hearing care appointment with an Audiologist.

You can also request a remote appointment here: