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We’re changing the nature of hearing healthcare in San Francisco.

San Francisco’s longtime Audiologists and Hearing Aid Specialists: Dr. Alice Leung, Dr Annie Ha and Jonah Nishihira have joined forces with Marin Hearing Center’s Dr. Lisa Monardi and Dr. Andrew Valla. Stronger together, we offer the most comprehensive hearing healthcare in the bay area. They provide exceptional hearing testing and hearing aid services. Locally owned with deep roots in the San Francisco healthcare community, your health and safety are paramount to us.

Experience reinvented care.

Alice, Annie and Jonah have re-vamped and remolded the clinic at San Francisco Hearing Center in order to offer you new expanded services utilizing state-of-the-art equipment. This allows us to offer compete hearing healthcare both in person and virtually.  We go beyond diagnostic audiology services, to provide a wide spectrum of hearing healthcare. From initial diagnosis to treatment of hearing loss using advanced hearing aid technology and proven science, we elevate communication and relationships to new heights. In addition, we added cutting-edge technology, new equipment, more space and enhanced infection protocols. We are exceeding new safety protocols and offering expanded services, such as Telehealth appointments and remote hearing aid programming.

Our commitment to your hearing health

Good hearing health is about more than just hearing well. With studies showing 3 times more memory and balance issues with untreated hearing loss, treating hearing loss is essential to staying engaged and doing what you love (source CDC). The professionals at San Francisco Hearing Center deliver exceptional and collaborative hearing care. Join us and take your hearing health to all new heights.