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How to determine what is the best hearing aid in 2022.

There are many resources written about the best hearing aid on the market. These sources range from consumer reports, customer reviews, and manufacturer rankings. This article will provide the reader with trusted information on how to determine what is the best hearing aid in 2022.

Which hearing instrument manufacturer is best?

There are many hearing aid manufacturers, but the 5 leading manufacturers of hearing aids worldwide are Widex, Oticon, Phonak, GN Resound, and Starkey.  Each manufacturer offers cutting edge hearing aids at various levels of technology. Each brand and technology level offers different features.

Get the latest technology.

Today’s hearing aids are more like mini-computers than megaphones, and recent advancements have led to increased patient satisfaction and better outcomes. Our audiologists are up-to-date on all of the latest technology and will work with you to find the best solution to fit your needs. Popular features include:

  •     Automatic noise reduction.
  •     A high number of channels for processing.
  •     Receiver-in-the-canal or completely-in-the-canal styles.
  •     Bluetooth Connection. Wirelessly Stream your cell phone, television or music directly to your hearing aids.
  •     Rechargeable. Charge in the evening, be ready to go all day. No batteries to change!
  •     Lightning-fast sound processing.

Each manufacturer develops proprietary technology unique from other manufacturers in the way that it processes sound.  Each has its own unique philosophy that makes each top hearing aid manufacturer stand out above mediocre offerings in the hearing aid world.  An online hearing aid may claim to be the latest technology but is actually using sound processing that is from an older model. The hearing may just increase the volume of sounds but not the clarity.

Current device manufacturers are now looking at how the brain processes sound. Some hearing devices use machine learning to allow the hearing aid to make decisions for you based on real-world evidence of other hearing aid wearers.  We like to say that your ears are the door to hearing and in your brain is where the hearing takes place. Therefore your brain will typically prefer one type of processing from one manufacturer over another. 

Which hearing aid is the best on the market or best for you requires some guidance from a trusted professional such as a Doctor of Audiology. A good audiologist will match your hearing loss, ability to process hearing in noise, and listening needs with the technology that is right for you. Your audiologist has extensive experience with each of these manufacturers and technology. Look for an audiologist who uses real ear measurements for fine-tuning to fully customize the hearing aid for you.  It is important that you return for follow-up visits to ensure that as your brain becomes accustomed to the new input your hearing aids are also changing.

When you see an audiologist who is affiliated with an independent private practice such as San Francisco Hearing Center your audiologist has many different manufacturers to choose from when determining what is the best hearing aid for you. Your audiologist is committed to improving your quality of life with the best hearing aid for your individual needs and hearing loss. Visit San Francisco Hearing Center today and experience the expertise and care from our hearing experts and Doctors of Audiology.